Stitch Merchant


November 2016

January 6, 2017


1. Hydrangeas are one of the reasons I look forward to fall. It's like having a piece of summer linger a little longer.

2. Some people think English Ivy is a weed. If it is, it's probably my favourite weed. Oh, and Queen Anne's Lace (Number 5). It might be a tie.

3. A new wreath for the holiday season. It's January now and it's still on my door bringing me joy every time I come home.

4. The Port Grocer in Port Medway. This alone is worth travelling to Nova Scotia for. That might be an extreme statement but if you are coming to Nova Scotia then this place is not to be missed.

5. There are more uses for marine markers than you can shake a stick at.

6. It's hard to believe these leaves are all from the same tree but they are. It's a magnificent tree at the bottom of the hill, free from powerlines and the saws of powerline workers, with a slight tilt in the trunk that gives it an undeniable grace.

7. This sort of beauty can only come from the passing of time. It can't be planned or rushed. It happens so slowly you almost can't see it.

8. If you were wondering what all the fuss in Number 4 was about… this is just one reason!

9. Speaking of weeds, this Spirea was groing wild in my yard. I moved it so I could feed it, prune it and water it. In return it rewards me with endless photographic inspiration no matter the season.

10. I find it fascinating that a reflection focuses an equal distance away from the reflective surface as the original being reflected.