Stitch Merchant


December 2016

January 6, 2017


1. Family tree hunting with my three cuties and one cutie's beau.

2. Christmas presents in the making. I couldn't find metal zippers in fun colours so I made some using ribbon.

3. I often come across the light falling through my house in a way that makes me fall in love with it all over again. This happens so often that I have a folder called "Around the House" for all of these images.

4. When the girls were little they made these little fairies from a Klutz kit. They were easy to make and so beautiful. They've been sitting in transom overlooking the kitchen since we moved into this house six years ago. With all of that dust they look like they're under some sort of spell just waiting for something to happen so they can be released.

5. Mince tarts. It was the only Christmas baking I did this year and I didn't do it until New Year's Eve.

6. The holidays can be a lot to handle. Sometimes it can konk you right out.

7. These showed up in my refrigerator at the beginning of December for no other reason than the maker thought it might be a good way to spend some time. I agree.

8. The garland is still attached to the tree in this picture but the tree was tired of holding it up and we were tired of putting it back up. Luckily the floor was up for the challenge.

9. So many of my favourite days happen when the power goes out. This time it was only out for an hour but enforced silence can be such a blessing.

10. A beautiful sunset reflected a thousand times, making a thousand beautiful sunsets.