Stitch Merchant


August 2016

September 16, 2016


1. My "How to Survive 10 Days Without My Family Survival Kit": Raspberries (ones that require picking because it takes more time than just driving to the store), three books (one for entertainment, one for sewing and one for knitting... yes, that says a lot about me), and seven movies (but I didn't watch them all), and the last items required a trip to the library because that eats up more time than turning on Netflix (but I did that, too).

2. Amazing clouds reflecting in buildings you can only find in the big city.

3. The CN Tower nestled in the skyline that's never the same. More cranes!

4. Forget-Me-Nots from my fella.

5. Inspired by having other flowers in my house, I picked some calendula from my garden and some weeds from the side of the road. I call them weeds but Queen Anne's Lace is one of my all-time favourites.

6. And just like that, summer was over.