Stitch Merchant


Seven Years and One Day

March 31, 2016


The TTC transfer that I found in my travel tin, along with my notebook and pencils, read Monday, March 30. That makes the year 2009. I'm not sure exactly what prompted me to write a list like this but hidden in the pages smelling strongly of graphite there is an entry titled Horrible Things. The mere idea of it makes me laugh. I don't think that I would normally bat an eyelash at any one of these things but I guess daily exposure compelled me to vent.

Horrible Things

I · B.O. on the bus (Self-explanatory.)

II · Throwing hammers (What I wouldn't give to know why this made the list.)

III · Urine soaked bathmats (Small children at work? It's my only guess.)

IV · Pigeons (Ugh!)

V · Full body tackles (I was body checked trying to navigate a sea of people who were all moving in the opposite direction. I remember it vividly. Not fondly, just vividly.)

VI · Snot-nosed remarks (I can't think of the specific exchange. There were too many to keep track.)

VII · Unsightly nose hairs (Possibly sitting next to me on the bus. Possibly the reason for #1.)

There should have been a number eight.

VIII · People who horque giant green loogies on the sidewalk where you are most likely to step. (This happened on a daily basis and repulses me every time I think of it. How did it not make the list?)