Stitch Merchant


NYC Artwork

New York is full of galleries. There are masterpieces on view for pennies a peek. I'm sure you could spend more than a week doing nothing but visiting galleries and looking at artwork without ever seeing a duplicate. It's really quite amazing. I do love a good gallery and I'll happily part with my pennies to have a peek.

But even better than that and what I really loved about New York is that there is artwork on display around every corner. It's tucked into alleyways and perched on window sills. Slapped on the side of newspaper boxes. It's on buildings and it's down in the subway. Some of it is astronomically large. Sometimes it's so big you don't even see it. And sometimes it's microscopic. Tiny little blips that you catch out of the corner of your eye. There is no shortage of artwork in New York and the best part of it is that most of it is free. Free for the taking whether you enjoy it or scoff at it. It's out in the trenches with the rest of the inhabitants you just have to open your eyes and let it in.

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