Stitch Merchant


NYC Bicycles

I can take pictures of bicycles forever so why I only have these four is a mystery. Just look at that last one! Why didn't I take more? Why?

What I did instead was rent a bike and ride around Central Park. Besides the travel migraine and the horribly out of shape body, it was one of the best things I did that week. It is a stunning, fast-paced view of one of the most beautiful parks ever created. I highly recommend renting a bike (preferably from a legitimate bicycle renter and not some street bum trying to rent out his transportation to feed his smoking habit) and hitting the bike lane.

The worst thing I did that week was to take a gel cap migraine pill without the help of water. After 15 minutes of trying to build up enough spit to wash that gigantic sucker down, a soft spot develped and caved in. The resulting liquid in my mouth caused me to gag, choke and lose all feeling on one side of my mouth for half an hour. I highly recommend the glass of water.