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Lettering Workshop

I have a lettering obsession. Maybe it's not an obsession exactly. Maybe it's more of a compulsion. Yes. I have a compulsion to letter. I'll letter anything and everything that could benefit (or not) from a little dressing up. It's such an easy way to add a little beauty to everyday things. You can see some of my handiwork at the bottom of this post. And what better way to add more of it to the world than to share it with others? So on Monday, February 11 I will be hosting a workshop at the Makery. We’ll be getting out the paints, inks, pens and brushes and then we'll letter away. I would love to see you there so if this sounds like the perfect way to spend a Monday night just give the Makery a shout to sign up. You can click here for all of the information.

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