Stitch Merchant


A Woman Obsessed

I haven't been here much lately because my garden is getting ALL of my spare attention. Once the regular day-to-day work is done, if it's not pouring rain, I am running out the door with my grubbies on, shovel in hand. Even today, with all of the rain, I still couldn't stay out of the garden. I took my camera instead. Clearly, I am a woman obsessed. The sweeping vistas are missing and replaced with a lot of close ups mostly due to the fact that the vistas are fiercely punctuated with piles of pulled weeds, large expanses of dirt, sections that look more like the back acres (if I had back acres) and tiny, struggling plants that are desperately trying to fill holes that are much too big for them. The photos make my garden look lush. Like everything is thriving. After all the hours I've put in so far this year, I could stand for it to look like I'm getting somewhere. Even if it is only in pictures.