Stitch Merchant


Buried Treasure

I have a messy desk. It's always messy and it always has been. My creative self seems to thrive in this environment. My straight and narrow side cringes and is embarrassed when company comes over but the craziness still wins out. I think of it as an organized chaos. If I'm looking for a piece of paper I placed on my desk two weeks ago I can tell you exactly how far down the pile it is. But every now and again the chaos lives up to its name and I can't find a thing. That's how I know it's gone too far and it's time to straighten up.

As much as I hate this job, I love the buried treasure that waits patiently beneath the paper graveyard.

I thought I had lost this brooch but there it was. Sitting at the bottom.

Brad painted me a bouquet of roses. It lives on my desk and I look forward to finding it every time I tidy up.

The girls know how much I love old photographs so when they found this in a scrap paper bundle they gave it to me. I love the inscription, "This is my boyfriend, Ernie. It's not a very good picture. Send a better one later." I haven't decided on Ernie's fate yet. I like having him around. He might get to stay.

This one is definitely a keeper. The one-eyed pine cone baby. I love it.

This is a yellow rock that looks like marbled paper. I found it when Julia and Katy came to stay. It's not going anywhere.

A coloured spirograph. These show up in the most unlikely of places. I don't think I need to save this one. There's sure to be more, ready to take its spot.

These will be readily visible for the next week or so but then it's back down to the depths. Who knows when I'll see them again.