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Inkwell and the Workshop

Inkwell was the perfect place for a calligraphy workshop. Not only because of the name, which is perfect, but because it was such a cozy place to sit, get to know some people and letter a rainy Sunday away.

I'm not a seasoned expert at running workshops but I'm starting to see a common thread. My favourite part, no matter the topic of conversation, is the enthusiasm of the participants. It's so easy to share and exchange ideas with people who are really excited to be a part of it. So thank you to all of you who came last Sunday. It was a lot of fun. And thank you to Andrea, who invited me to come in the first place.

The part that wasn't fun was my ink reacting with my paper. Too much water in the ink, meets too much absorption in the paper. I found it beyond frustrating to work with but knowing there was a good thirty minutes of lettering ahead of me, I figured I'd better just go with it. If you want to see some better examples of work being done that morning you should visit Sarah Phelps Creative and Half Sweet Vanilla. They posted some excellent photos and talked about their experiences that morning. But be warned, those blogs are great and you might find yourself visiting them regularly.