Stitch Merchant



How clever of me to start off with a title like that. I probably have you all at the edge of your seat waiting to scroll down and see all the photos from an impromptu weekend away, or how I've always wanted to go to Quebec and you'll shortly be entertained with a clever little story about why that is or at the very least how we're going to be driving through there on our way back to Ontario this summer and we'll be trying to set a record for least number of roadside stops. If we made it down to five, it would probably be a family record. Nope. None of those are happening. Not even in the foreseeable future.

The title of this post has everything to do with Emily. She's on her first big trip away with school. The Grade Nine Quebec Trip. Notice the caps? This trip is legendary among the students. Because it's been happening for so many years, I thought capitals were in order.

I'm sure you all remember your first big trip away with all your friends, no parents, chaperones of course but they're not your parents so they don't count, a little bit of freedom in a strange, new place and a bus load of hormones. No wonder Emily was counting down the days. She consulted her list, packed her suitcase, checked her list again, slept poorly the night before, was fidgety, then bored with the waiting, then put on her pyjamas for the long overnight ride, then stricken with the panic that plagues all travellers: I feel like I've forgotten something, then passed around some hugs and was gone. And she's there. In Montreal. Right now. To say that I'm jealous would be an understatement but it's only because I know how amazing this trip will be for her.

There's a good chance that after this she'll always have a soft spot for Montreal in the spring.