Stitch Merchant


Beautiful Noise

When I sat quietly in the train station I could hear it all.

Two little girls singing their hearts out.

The lottery machine announcing a winning ticket.

The shuffle of feet skimming the floor.

A man whistling a jaunty tune that faded as he walked away.

Giggles from the Via workers enjoying a break.

The announcer: Can we have your attention please.

A man flicking the edge of his coffee cup lid.

A suitcase rolling by.

An English accent.

The announcer again: All aboard.

The distant rumble of a jack hammer.

The swishing of polyester pants.

More laughter from the Via workers.

Clip clip clip from a pair of high-heeled shoes.

Somebody fumbling with a plastic bag.

A long, annoying beep from a machine that wants attention.

Keys and change jingling in a pocket.

The plastic snap of a lid freeing itself from a bottle for the first time.

The crinkle of a bag followed by the crunching of some chips.

A man clearing his throat.

The click of my camera shutter.