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London vs. Paris vs. Lunenburg · November

There were almost no more leaves left in town. The cold November wind had come and whisked them away. But up on the hill there was a crisp golden leaf dangling from the edge of a birch branch. That one dangling leaf was surrounded by hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands of other bright yellow birch leaves clinging to their branches in that cold, relentless wind. And when the entire collection was caught by the breeze it seemed more like gold confetti than drying foliage. The trees marched in a line up that steep hill and I was at the bottom looking up. And the bright blue sky behind them seemed to be the only thing holding them in place against that battering wind. And at the very top of that steep hill was a gorgeous Victorian home. It was painted thunder storm grey and the patterned trim hung like white lace around the edges. Only parts of it were visible through the confetti. And miracle of miracles, I had my camera. I clicked that shutter and hurried home knowing that I could cross another November image off my list. I copied it onto my computer and safely deposited it in the London vs. Paris vs. Lunenburg folder.

It's a good thing this image exists so clearly in my mind because it doesn't exist anywhere else anymore. I couldn't possible explain what happened to it. I could have sworn it was there but when I was putting November together, I couldn't find it anywhere. I've put in some other photo for Autumn Trees but it's really just one autumn tree. It will have to do.

Thank you again to Xanthe and Irène for letting me use London vs. Paris as a springboard for this little collection. The title of each image is a link to their interpretations of the prompts. Those ladies take great photos, it's worth clicking over to see them.

And since I have already done December, the next group on deck is January.

Bag by London vs Paris.

Pizza Place by London vs Paris.

Our Feet in Grocery Store by London vs Paris.

Homework by London vs Paris.

Fruit by London vs Paris.

Board Games by London vs Paris.

Warming Up by London vs Paris.

Photo Wall by London vs Paris.

Autumn Trees (or tree as the case may be) by London vs Paris.

Found Heart Leaf by London vs Paris.

Pharmacy by London vs Paris.

Coffee Break by London vs Paris.

Graffiti Three by London vs Paris.