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It’s All About Sewing

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love paper. I love to print on it, write on it, mail it, colour it, paint it, fold it, display it, bind it, recycle it, cut it, crumple it, organize it, make airplanes out of it, throw it and, as of today, I can officially add sew it. I can't believe how well the paper did after being prodded with a needle a thousand times but it held together really well. Boy, do I love paper. There. I said it again.

This display went up so much faster than the last one. Then again, there wasn't nearly as much prep work with that one as there was with this one. This morning, I was in and out of there in under half an hour and only one or two people saw me putting it together. I felt so stealthy.

You've probably guessed by now but the new theme at the Makery is sewing. And they have a lot to offer. There are a few sewing machines and a serger that you can use by the hour. They offer classes on specific projects. They offer instruction for certain techniques. They even have a seamstress on staff that can do alterations. You can browse their calendar of events here.

Thanks again to everyone at the Makery for trusting me with a project like this. I had a blast.

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