Stitch Merchant


A New Window Display

When I first thought of doing a display in the Makery window, it was just a crazy seed of an idea. I had never done a window display before. In fact, I had never done anything like that before. I had never done an installation and I had never worked three dimensionally. See, it was just a crazy seed of an idea. But without me paying it any attention, the seed grew into more of a weed and I could ignore it no longer. I swallowed my self-doubt and asked the Makery if they would be interested in me putting up my display for all to see. I'm still surprised that they agreed. But even more surprising than that, and totally flattering as well, is that they've asked me to do another one. That's where I'll be tomorrow: at the Makery putting up a new display. Until I have some more pictures to show you this sneak peek will have to do.

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