Stitch Merchant


The Big Ex


The end of school marks the beginning of 4H madness in our house. There were a lot of projects to complete this year. And once they were done we headed to The Big Exhibition in search of big prizes otherwise known as shiny ribbons. The girls did amazingly well. I love seeing how hard they work, the awesome projects they complete all on their own and then the great big smile when they proudly show off their placing. They've already signed up for this year's projects. There are more than ever before (poultry, cake decorating, crafts, photography, sewing, vet science, scrapbooking, rabbit and light horse). I'm a little concerned about how we're going to fit it all in but I can't wait to see what they come up with. It will totally be worth it.

p.s. Isn't that last picture hilarious. They need to make a muppet after that guy.