Stitch Merchant



Stella got a new dog for Christmas. She arrived on Christmas Eve. Her name is Smidge and we adore her to pieces. In honour of her arrival, I've composed a list.

· She is still a little nervous so she moves around a lot and it makes taking pictures rather difficult.
· This works out well for her because she hates having her picture taken.
· She never barks. Ever. I'm not even sure she can bark.
· But she does whine. A lot. Luckily it's cute.
· She also howls. It's not cute but it is funny. It starts out quiet and low and gradually works up to high and loud. The effect is unbelievably close to an air raid siren. Her mouth makes a little O when she does it. I'm changing my mind. It is pretty cute.
· Even though she is smaller than Stella, her ears are bigger.
· She loves food. I think she would eat all day if I let her.
· As a result, she gobbles her food. Not much chewing going on.
· That could be why she was a little chubby when she arrived.
· Although her coat looks black, it's actually a dark brown and when she walks, the pudge around her shoulders jiggles a little. The combination of the two has earned her the nickname Little Brown Bear.
· She wasn't house trained when she came but it only took 24 hours to teach her.
· She tips her head to the side when you talk to her.
· Her paws are big and have lots of padding. She is stealthy when she moves slowly and makes a thumping noise when she runs.
· She likes to jump a lot when she plays. More thumping.
· She loves to snuggle Stella. Stella is still getting used to this idea.
· Two dogs are better than one.