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London vs. Paris vs. Lunenburg · April

Three months ago I said that I would try to do one of these posts every month. Clearly that goal was more than I could handle. There were two images that stumped me from day one: Clock Face and Taxi. I was completely shocked to find out that a town established in the 1700s does not have a single public clock. Not only did I look everywhere and ask everyone, I checked the inside of Town Hall and even looked at the jewellery store for watches on display but there were none. After three months of scouring the town I found a sun dial in a church garden. It may not be as reliable as a real clock (especially since it's in complete shade until 2:00 pm) but I think it did the trick. As for Taxi, I didn't think it would be that hard. I've seen plenty of taxis in town. The problem is that they are always zooming by. Never stopping. There aren't any hot spots where taxis just line up in droves waiting for the masses to hail a cab. It just doesn't happen here. But the day I caught this taxi with my camera (in terrible light) they stopped to do some banking. Oh, lucky day. And so ends the very long journey to the April edition of London vs Paris vs Lunenburg. You can see the London vs Paris April edition here.

Big Ben & Eiffel Tower by London vs Paris. The Lunenburg equivalent would be the Bluenose II which is currently under construction.

Our feet by London vs Paris.

Rooftops by London vs Paris.

Trafalgar Square & Place de la Concorde by London vs Paris. The Lunenburg equivalent is the Bandstand.
I guess.

Green Door by London vs Paris.

Cathedrals by London vs Paris. Lunenburg is too small for a cathedral so I went with Fancy Church instead.

Clock Face by London vs Paris.

Cake by London vs Paris.

Cab/Taxi by London vs Paris.

Children's Books by London vs Paris.

Telephone Box by London vs Paris.

I was defeated by two images this month. We don't have a lot of graffiti here so finding one as specific as umbrellas on a Graffiti Wall was impossible. (But if we did have graffiti I would want it to look that!) I was also stumped by Movie Posters because we don't have a movie theatre in town. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed (instead of hold my breath) that we eventually get one and that it's just like the Princess Cinema.