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red belle

Before there was Betty & Bing there was red belle.

I started posting there in February of 2009 and continued for almost two years. I haven't posted there since I switched here and because of that I think it's time that I put red belle to rest.

I've spent the last two days archiving all 225 entries and in doing so noticed a couple of things. One is that while I'm going about my daily business I sometimes wonder why I even bother to have a blog. But when I sit down and look at all of those entries, and all of those words, and the hours they represent I see, as plain as day, that it was worth every second. I have an incredible treasury of moments and feelings and experiences. Some of them would be lost forever if I hadn't taken a moment to write them down or take a picture. And the ones about the times I'll never forget snap me right back to the very second they happened because they are written with the raw emotions that follow those kinds of experiences. This might be kind of sappy but it made me think about when I'm gone and how the girls will have this interesting little piece of me. They'll see familiar stories from my perspective, they'll see stories they never knew about, they'll see my quirky sense of humour and my writing style and they'll know me in a way they maybe didn't while I was here. That in itself makes me never want to give this up.

Secondly, I got to see some clear favourites. Some I remembered writing and some I had to read again to remember. I thought about things I hadn't thought of in a while and in a few cases I had a good laugh. I thought you might be interested in some of the highlights.


The Lounge Lizard

The Train Station

Recipe for Laughter

Chocolate and Vanilla

Just Like Nonna

I'll be taking the red belle site down on July 1 so if you'd like to take a look at those entries or some of the others they'll only be there for a couple more days.

I also want to thank everyone who stopped over there in the past or even left lovely little comments for me. There were days I thought of giving up the blog and knowing that you were there kept me going and I'm so grateful.