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Vicarious Travel

Although I almost never go anywhere, I really, really love to travel. I would do it a lot if time and money weren't an issue. Luckily, for me, there a quite a few excellent photographers who have been out and about in the last little while, doing what they do best and sharing their travels through pictures.

So, get yourself a cup of tea, or coffee if that's your thing, and let's go on a trip.

Our first stop is Italy, courtesy of The Blue Hour's Brian Ferry.
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The second stop is to New York City with Irene from Eye Poetry. She also just came back from France so be on the lookout for that.
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The third stop is to England, with a hint of Paris, with Jeanine Caron of Wonderings and Wanderings.
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And the last stop is actually a double bill from Celine of Bonjour! She first takes us to Hong Kong.
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And then finishes the tour in Seoul.
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My favourite part of travel is that you can never have the same experience twice. Not even if you are the same person going to the same place. That's why I think internet travel, like the collection I've put here today, is such a privilege. When these people share their vision of the world, they're letting us in on a completely unique experience. Thank you to everyone who ever posts about their travels. I am a vicarious traveller, after all.