Stitch Merchant


The Truth

As most of you know, I'm taking a photo every day for one year. Over the last couple of months I've been shooting a lot of pictures with only moments to spare before the calendar switches days. I made light of waiting until the wee hours to take my pictures because I was embarrassed that I didn't want to pick up my camera during the other eleven hours of the day. At the very suggestion, I would look at my camera with contempt. And that's the truth.

What I didn't mention is how much I love shooting at night. The twinkling lights lure me in. The uselessness of my light meter in the dark keeps me challenged. And my rewards are the surprises I find when I download the images.

So, before March ends and I share some of the (minimally) brighter photographs I've taken over the past month, I wanted to share some of the mysteries that find their way into my camera when the sun isn't looking.