Stitch Merchant



Poster by Pia, Erin and YvetteThis is a hot topic. And it has been since we were in kindergarten. Do you remember the kid who went crying to the teacher and you could hear the ominous footsteps of the teacher and your classmate get closer and closer to your desk as the words "she stole my idea" and the sounds of sobbing came closer and closer to your ears? Do you remember being the kid who went crying to the teacher? I distinctly remember being on both sides of that hot seat. Neither one felt all that good.

The scenario has changed a little now that we're older but the essence is the same. That's why when I came across this poster on Pia's site I wanted to share it… and she gave carte blanche to post it so hopefully you'll post it, too. It's more than possible that you've seen this poster before but I think it bears repeating. There is also a lot of great discussion surrounding this and other excellent topics over at Biz Ladies. Again, totally worth repeating.