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Proud Mommas

Daisy, 10 days oldDomino, 10 days oldMy girls have all joined 4H this year and I can't say enough good things about it. After finally bringing home their bunnies this week, I'm sure they can't either.

Emily and Geneva have picked the Rabbit Project this year. Agatha is still in the younger section that tours the different projects to help them decide what they would like to do the following year. Doing the Rabbit Project means that we'll have two bunnies in the house – as well as the dog, the bird and two fish – but it also means that they're getting an incredible education doing something they love without it seeming like an education.

This entire project is handled by the girls. Brad and I are just in the background cheering them on and occassionally passing them some money. It started with the decision surrounding what kind of rabbit to get. Then there was the phoning and emailing. And then the anticipation of newborns, and the sadness of bunnies that didn't make it. And the anticipation of more newborns. And then the first visit. And the many subsequent visits. And there were bunny cages to be designed and built. Travel blankets to be cut and sewn. And financial logs of their expenses to be kept. Yes. The bunny project is a lot of work but one look at their faces on the day those bunnies came home, and I knew they thought it was worth every second.

We are proud mommas, all of us.