Stitch Merchant


The Best Part

Christmas is definitely over.

The tree that Agatha picked out and decorated is starting to tip forward and all of its needles have collected in a pool at the bottom. The tree in the living room has started collecting ornaments at its base in the absence of presents. The wrapping paper is worse for wear and now decorates the inside of a box rather than the outside. And the gingerbread houses are looking more like gingerbread ruins and our bulging bellies are the proof.

But this part, the part where an anonymous observer would say that Christmas exploded in our house and there is barely a square inch left unaffected, is my favourite part. Not only do I have a year of beautiful memories to add to the layers that came before this one, it's the time that I strip my life back to the essentials and make room for the new year. The decorations all come down and the rooms are set back to zero. Our meals go back to having more vegetables than either butter or sugar. My routine comes back and there are no special dates to remember. It's still dark outside and there isn't much to do. It's quiet and simple.

Yes. It's the best part.

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