Stitch Merchant


Seeing Circles

I love getting handwritten notes in the mail. Doesn't everyone feel that way? I think they must and so I send as many handwritten letters as time allows. I also like to spruce up the blank piece of paper a little with some ink and some water colour. This can be time consuming which is maybe why time doesn't allow me to write as many as I would like. I thought it would be a good idea to print some stationery but I don't really like to send the same thing out all the time. I compromised a little and printed one of my favourite letter doodles with black ink. It's a design that allows me to come back in with the watercolours when I sit down to write the letter. That way I can change it every time. No two letters are alike. They all have a common thread but each one is an original. It turns out it was the perfect compromise. I also thought I would print up a bunch on coloured paper and coloured envelopes. They look great all mixed and matched in different sets. They'll be up for grabs at the nook holiday sale this Saturday and next Saturday from 11 until 5. Be sure and stop by. There are a lot of great things by a lot of talented people.