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The Makings of a Window Display

Having a neighbourhood knitting spot was something I desperately missed after leaving Toronto. Although I've found a great group of people to meet up with, we've been without a regular meeting spot for quite a while. So when I got wind of this great new place opening up in town, The Lunenburg Makery which promises to be a community hub of textile activity, I thought it might be the perfect place for the Castaways to meet a couple of times a month. And suddenly we had a new home for knitting.

But how did I go from there to the title of this post. I'm not sure really. Walking past the empty window was probably a factor. And the years of walking past the Christmas displays at the Bay on Yonge Street. And the legendary displays at Anthropology might have had something to do with it. However it happened, The Makery agreed to let me create a window display for the knitting circle and that's where I was on Wednesday morning along with my daughter and her friend who were participating in Bring Your Kid to Work Day. If your kids are ever participating in something like that and the opportunity to create a window display presents itself, I highly recommend throwing the two together. Unforgettable fun will be had by all.