Stitch Merchant


Bags and Bags of Seaweed

It would be great if every workday started on a winding road with glimpses of yellowed maples and ocean in between the firs. And it would be great if you knew you were there when the road got a little rougher, the forest gave way to grass, the sand got deeper and the only thing in the distance was the clear blue sea. I'm incredibly lucky to say that for at least one day this year, that was my experience.

The end of October always brings thoughts of putting the garden to bed. When the first of November comes and goes, preparing the garden becomes less of a thought and more of a necessity. Just when I started to give up on the idea of having a garden altogether, the weather turned unseasonably warm, the sun started shining and the tide went out. Tuesday turned out to be the perfect day to gather seaweed for mulching the garden. It was heaven. Except for moving those five huge bags of wet seaweed off the beach, it was heaven.

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