Stitch Merchant


If I Just…

I am not a fan of shopping. That might be an understatement. Just ask my family. For some reason, the time I spend in a good thrift store doesn't count as shopping. I could drift through the aisles for hours and hours happy as can be. Most of the things that catch my eye are like lost souls and they're far from perfect. The same words pass through my head every time. If I just shorten it—add a ribbon—cut that flower off—take it in—wear it with a scarf—add a stripe—roll it up—it will be perfect. And so I come home with more pet projects than I can handle. But once in a while there is a five dollar investment that just can't be silenced. My latest lost soul was a wool jacket with terrible plastic trim sewn onto the edges. But I thought to myself, if I just rip off that terrible plastic trim and replace it with some golden cotton trim I'd be in business. Not all of my experiments turn out like I think they will. Lots of them are terrible and head back to the home of lost souls but not this one. This one is a keeper.

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