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Playwrights Canada Press

I have a great client: Playwrights Canada Press. I know you're not supposed to play favourites but in my twenty years as a freelance graphic designer, they have been, and continue to be, my absolute favourite. There are a number of reasons for this. One. I get to read some fantastic Canadian literature. No kidding. There's humour, drama, mystery, whimsy. You name it. It's there. And it's good. Two. I get to visually interpret these stories. This is both an honour and a privilege. One I don't take lightly. Three. The entire staff at Playwrights Canada Press are top notch and I love working with them. And in our time together we have developed quite a few books. I thought you might like to see some of my favourites. There's that word again.

Most of the covers we create are done with the use of stock photography and/or production photographs. Creating work this way can present interesting challenges, delightful surprises and some pretty darn good covers. All of the image credits are listed below each one.

Outspoken: A Canadian Collection of Lesbian Scenes and Monologues edited by Susan G. Cole
Front Cover Image © Jupiterimages

Grassroots: Original Plays from Ontario Community Theatres edited by Theatre Ontario
Front Cover Image © Chen

Rites of Passage by David S. Craig and Chris Craddock
Front Cover Image © Filipchuk

Drowning Girls/Comrades by Beth Graham, Charlie Tomlinson and Daniela Vlaskalic
Front Cover Image © Micheline Courtemanche
Back Cover Image of Beth Graham © Trudie Lee
Back Cover Image of Kevin Corey and Nathan Cuckow © Meryl Smith Lawton

a nanking winter by Marjorie Chan
Front Cover Image of Ginling College courtesy of Special Collections, Yale Divinity School Library
Front Cover Image of Branches © Micheline Courtemanche

Living Curiosities or What You Will by Mary Vingoe
Front Cover Image of Carroll Godsman by Thaddeus Holownia

Two Plays: The Cage and L’Ile de la Demoiselle by Anne Hébert, translated by Pamela Grant & Gregory J. Reid and Sheila Fischman
Front Cover Image © Jupiterimages

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