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Christmas Countdown

We used to have a tiny Christmas calendar. It was absurdly small. It had 25 tiny felt bags tied with teeny, tiny pieces of ribbon. My gigantic, human-sized fingers could barely fill each tiny sac with the three jellybeans it would take to stuff them full. With all of the fumbling involved in trying to erect the silly thing every year, it didn't take long for the ribbons to fray. That was the end of the tiny calendar. I wasn't sorry.

We went for a few years without a replacement. The girls would ask about it every year and although I had good intentions to make a new one, it just never happened.

This year, finally, I made good on the promise. We now have a Christmas calendar that doesn't require mouse intervention. I had this idea of making a calendar with clues to the location of the treat instead of just the treat. I thought it would be more fun that way. After all, earning a treat is often more rewarding than the treat itself. This way I don't have to hide the treat until the day and it can be anything from candy to an experience or anything in between.

I love Christmas traditions. I also really love making new ones.

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