Stitch Merchant


A Moment to Myself

The holidays are a crazy time. You would think after years of cookie baking frenzies, last minute gift-giving and too many late nights to count I would be better at organizing my time. The funny thing is, after years of handling the holidays like a recently decapitated chicken, it's that craziness that lets me know the holidays have truly arrived. My Christmas spirit is at it's height when the million-mile-an-hour free-for-all kicks into high gear. Even though I've come to terms with my crazy ways, I still crave a few minutes to myself here and there. Over the last few weeks, I've been lucky to squeeze a few in.

So far, my favourite few moments are the ones I steal away to go to Covet Garden. It's a recently released online magazine and it's my favourite new distraction. I look forward to it so much that I don't rush right over when the newest issue comes out. I wait for the perfect opportunity that allows for a warm cup of tea, a few cookies, and an indeterminate amount of time to explore. It's so much more rewarding than a traditional lifestyle magazine. Each issue focuses on one household and really gets to know them: their design tastes, their passions, their favourite books and funny little tidbits that show us their unique spirit. It feels so much more like meeting new people over coffee than reading a magazine. And the luckiest thing for me? They put out two issues this month so I was able to indulge twice during this crazy season. You should hop over and have a look. The cover of the latest issue was illustrated by my very talented friend, Katy Dockrill. But don't stop there. There are four more beautiful issues to lose yourself in.