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Letterpress Gang

I found them! Or should I say, they found me? Shortly after launching my new website, Andrea, a member of the Letterpress Gang in Halifax, emailed me to let me know about their Monday night meetings. A small group of dedicated letterpress printers of all backgrounds and levels of experience meet on Monday nights at 6:00 at the site of the old Dawson Printshop on the NSCAD campus. They're always happy to have new people show up so I went this past Monday to meet everyone and see what they're up to.

It turns out they're a busy bunch. They're currently getting ready for the Holiday Printers' Bazaar that will feature a delightful mix of hand-printed and often hand-set cards, calendars and other paper goods. If you happen to be in Halifax on Saturday, December 11 you should head over there and check it out. It will be open from noon until 5:00pm. They have a lot of big plans so I'm sure if you can't make it this time, there will be plenty of other opportunities.

I'm feeling really lucky to have found some other letterpress fanatics. Everyone is friendly and full of ideas and they're busy pouring them out onto paper. It's my kind of place but I knew that as soon as I walked in the door. The first thing I saw was the Underwood typewriter. I'm a sucker for old machinery. Walking a little further I was met by smiling faces, friendly handshakes, paper, presses, type, more type, colour and ideas. It felt a lot like opening up the door when you arrive at a surprise party. It was overwhelming in the best possible way.