Stitch Merchant



 I think I've hit the first lull of the 365 Day Project which means that my camera isn't making an appearance until the last few minutes of the day. Like yesterday, when I took this photo of cutlery because it's what was sitting next to my camera on my way upstairs. Aaacchh… yellow cutlery. I set the camera back down and shuffled off to bed. Today I was determined to take a picture in the light of day. The camera was still sitting in the same spot next to the cutlery. I figured it might be easier to just work with what I had. I took the same shot, just in the middle of the day (shown below). It's almost identical in composition but the light is so beautiful. And that's when it hit me. That's when I realized that by waiting until it was dark, I was giving myself less to work with. I kept setting myself up for disappointment. The sun does so much of the work in a photograph, why not take advantage of it? Why make it harder than it is? Since I can't think of a good answer, I'm not going to do it anymore. It's too hard to be inspired when you're already dreading the results.